Max Fantastic

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A puzzling swashbuckling adventure game.

A test of your smarts – if you’re looking for an easy walkthru then DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS!

Something is rotten in the land of Yondershire..

“I knew that my quest to restore the Princess back to the throne wasn’t going to be a piece of cake, but I had no idea of the wild adventure I was about to undertake. From searching for a semi-mythological figure who I wasn’t sure even existed, to an ocean voyage to a distant desert island. I would meet pirates, a witch, come face to face with a dragon, and arm wrestle with a giant. And then there were the strange unearthly creatures who wanted my help..’

– Is Max Fantastic a real person? If he is, will he help you in your quest?

– Who is the mysterious Overseer that has become the ruler of the land?

– Why is the hook-handed pirate being chased by a dragon?!

– What is this JJ that everyone is drinking and why do they drink it when it tastes so awful?

– And perhaps the biggest curiosity of all, what and where is Location Zero?

• Fun puzzles with a captivating background story.

• Many exotic characters to talk to and interact with.

• 100 locations over 4 levels, full of adventure, entertaining puzzles and fun.

• No typing – touch and play – simple user interface that is easy to learn.

• Minimum screen size 4.8″

• Recommended screen size 7″

• No adverts, no permissions, totally free.


Logic Engineers




Click here to visit the Google Play store and download Max Fantastic