Logic Gas Rate Calculator

The Logic Gas Rate Calculator is the indispensable tool for testing domestic gas appliances by calculating gas flow rates.


✔ More convenient than using paper charts and more accurate.

✔ Handy built-in torch for taking meter readings in dark cupboards and unlit locations.

✔ Email results with time and date stamp.

✔ Allows manual configuration of calorific values.

✔ Includes built-in instruction guide to using the app.

✔ Continues to function if the device orientation is changed.

✔ Display stays lit-up while the timer is counting.

✔ Fully tested for maximum accuracy and reliability.

Technical specifications:

✔ Supports both Metric and Imperial gas meters.

✔ Imperial meters: 1 Cubic Foot and 5 Cubic Feet dials (U16 and below.)

✔ Supports three types of gas: Natural, Propane and Butane.

✔ Gas volume rates calculated: cubic Meters / Hour. cubic Feet / Hour (Gross and Net.)

✔ Gas energy rates calculated: kiloWatts / Hour. BTU / Hour (Gross and Net.)

To download the Logic Gas Rate Calculator click here to visit the Google Play Store.